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Enabling global collaboration and breakthrough innovation to redefine work at the intersection of

Humans + Machines.

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The way companies work is changing.

Advancements in technology has led to unprecedented acceleration of innovation and velocity of disruption.

Redefining new ways of working will enable companies to transform the quality, speed, and price at which value is delivered, strengthening their competitive positioning in the future.

Developing New Ways of Working

Our Offer: Digital Operating Model

The work companies do is being redefined.

The workforce of the future will create new value through the optimal blend of human capabilities and intelligent technologies.

Adapting workforce strategies to build differentiating capabilities and meet the needs of next generation workers will result in longevity and relevance in the hyper-competitive marketplace of the future.

Building the Workforce of the Future

Our Offer: Culture Transformation

We believe management consulting is also ripe for transformation so we've redefined the business model to enable LociLabs to deliver multi-speed solutions and services.

Choose Your Speed


Fixed Fee – Fixed Speed

Test and learn pilots are fixed-fee and are delivered according to a pre-defined project plan and timeline.


Expertise on Demand

Sprint-based engagements are designed to be flexible and scale up or down as needed.  Engagement fees are time and materials and timelines are defined in sprints.


Innovation as a Service

Value-based engagements enable us to accelerate innovation and share the risk and reward of our work together.

The Work We Do

Led by Dr. Frank Larkey and Dr. Pongrapee Buranasompob, LociLabs is an affiliation of thought leaders, practitioners and subject matter experts who are focused on developing global collaboration opportunities to design, build and run people-first solutions leveraging emerging technologies.

Operating Model

Design, build and run your new digital operating model.

Workforce Transformation

Build trusting, authentic and innovative cultures, leadership and places of work.


Develop an agile mindset across the organization, its leaders, culture and workforce.


Innovate new digital products, services and experiences for employees, customers and the world.

Applied Intelligence

Blending data science, technology and the human experience for better and smarter organizations.