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Schweiger Larkey Organizational Culture Index

The SLOCI is designed for organizational consultants, leadership development specialists, as well as corporate managers and executives who need a powerful, proven data-based instrument that they can use to facilitate organizational culture change and initiatives.

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What is the SLOCI?

The SLOCI was developed through over 20 years of academic and corporate culture research by Dr. David M. Schweiger and Dr. Frank R. Larkey. Unlike standard career and personality assessment tests the SLOCI is a powerful, dynamic and psychometrically sound web-based survey tool that assesses organizational culture based on 15 behavioral dimensions.

How is the SLOCI used?

The SLOCI is used to help executives and managers align business culture with business strategies and planning; garner team building collaboration and cooperation among work units such as departments, divisions, geographically dispersed operations; and to facilitate joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions.

We empower you by putting the Schweiger-Larkey Organizational Culture Index (SLOCI) in your hands. Through the SLOCI Certification & Organizational Culture Learning Program, we supply you with the knowledge, skillset and tools to use the SLOCI in an array of different applications.

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The 2-Day SLOCI Certification Training

You will learn:

  • fundamental knowledge and understanding of organization culture and culture transformation
  • how to use a proven method to assess current-state organizational culture
  • techniques to analyze and interpret 15+ dimensions of organization culture to identify strengths and barriers
  • to incorporate SLOCI findings into other discovery activities and assessments
  • how to use the SLOCI to design a future-state culture in alignment with business objectives
  • to translate a future-state culture design into a behavior-based transformation program

You will come away with:

  • a proven methodology to assess and diagnose current-state culture using the SLOCI assessment and reports
  • an understanding of how to use a data-driven approach to design a future-state culture and develop a behavior-based culture transformation program as part of a larger transformation engagement or organizational development initiatives
  • the ability to articulate the business value of using a psychometrically sound assessment to measure organizational culture to internal and external stakeholders
  • access to follow up education, seminars, networking opportunities and online support

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